by Pedro Resende

How to create an Express.js project with TypeScript

and React.js with TSX

Posted by Pedro Resende on 07/08/2021 10:26

Today I've decided to create an Express.js application with TypeScript and React.js.

To begin our new project, let's start by creating a new Express.js project

How to add Apollo GraphQL to Next.js

with TypeScript

Posted by Pedro Resende on 22/05/2021 10:28

Today I've decided to integrate Apollo GraphQL with the Next.js API, instead of using the existing one in REST.

Why you should use TypeScript

On you're next JavaScript Project

Posted by Pedro Resende on 26/08/2020 19:50

For the last six months I`ve been working on a JavaScript Full-Stack project, using React.js has the front-end framework, GraphQL for the API Gateway and Hapi Server for the micro-service which is connected to a ...

Symfony with Vue.js frontend Integration

with tailwindcss

Posted by Pedro Resende on 06/02/2020 10:30

A few years ago, I've dedicated a post to the integration of React.js with Symfony

Creating a private area with authentication in Symfony 4.3

In 9 easy steps

Posted by Pedro Resende on 20/06/2019 14:12

Today, I've decided to take a look at Symfony 4.3 and it's login system. I must say they've made a pretty good job with the new funcionalities and the ease of use.

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