by Pedro Resende

Cache Clear Service

How to call Symfony's cache:clear service ?

Posted by Pedro Resende on 18/08/2017 16:31

This week, while working on a project for a customer, I've decided to implement a clear cache service command.

How to migrate a Legacy application to Symfony ?

The quick and easy way

Posted by Pedro Resende on 12/04/2017 19:10

Sometime you might want to migrate from an existing PHP application to Symfony in order to continue the development of your old spaghetti code application.


Symfony with React.js frontend Integration

The Internet brave new World

Posted by Pedro Resende on 29/10/2016 20:22

For the last three months, I've been working for a customer doing a migration from Wordpress to a ...

Symfony's custom login handler

Extra precious stuff missing

Posted by Pedro Resende on 12/03/2016 22:11

This week, while working for a client's task, I had to implement a custom user provider for Symfony which would validate the user from a webservice.

How To Add Assetic to Symfony 2.8/3.0

Is assetic really bad ?!?

Posted by Pedro Resende on 01/12/2015 00:13

For those who have been using symfony since version 2.0, assetic has been a great help to keep css/js files...

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