by Pedro Resende

How to pass parameters to a Vuex store getter

the KISS way

Posted by Pedro Resende on 24/08/2018 15:31

Today, while working on a project with Vue.js and VueX, I found an apparent limitation of the vuex store.

How to Create a JSON-RPC Client for Vue.js

With some help from jayson

Posted by Pedro Resende on 09/07/2018 13:49

Today, I had to implement a JSON-RPC client for the Vue.js project I'm working on. Since there wasn't any library available, I thought it would be a good idea to return to the community with a custom made a library to help others. 

How to use jQuery with Vue.js

The quick and easy way

Posted by Pedro Resende on 26/06/2018 10:44

Since last week I had been working with Vue.js and struggling to get it working with jquery. I know you're probably thinking that the ideia behind Vue.js is to replace jquery.... 

Blog version 2.0

What is different ?

Posted by Pedro Resende on 21/01/2018 10:37

New year, new blog. Since this blog was made to increase my knowledge of Symfony, by implementing all the logic behind it. I've decided to increase my knowledge, but this time on a new language...

How to setup Docker for a Symfony Project with Nginx

Docker is a fast grower in open source software development. Follow our simple steps to easily set up a Docker environment in your project.

Posted by Pedro Resende on 05/12/2017 05:52

Let's start at the beginning and explain a bit what a docker is. In simple words, a docker is a standardised unit of software that is independent of its host. 


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