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What is different ?

Post by Pedro Resende on the 21 of January of 2018 at 10:37

New year, new blog. Since this blog was made to increase my knowledge of Symfony, by implementing all the logic behind it (Controllers, Doctrine, Routes, etc...).

I've decided to increase my knowledge, but this time on a new language.

I've thought about using node.js, however since I already knew the node and the lack of defined structure I've decided to go for a different path.

The two remaining options were Ruby on Rails or Python, after searching the great sea of the internet, I've decided to take a chance on Python due it's knowned performance out of the box. I must say that I'm pleasant surprised and I'm amazed about it can be done with so few lines of code in Python.

In terms of web framework, I've analyzed Flask and Django, but since this was my first experience I've decided with Django, since it has everything out of the box and ready.

Although there are some differences between PHP and Python, I must say I'm pretty impressed about it's simplicity and the ability of doing great things in a short time. I've took 2 days to get everything up and running and I've got the say the result is pretty awsome.

In terms of performance, comparing Symfony with Django, I also must say that Django is a winner :).

In fact I've loved some much Python and Django, that I've also decided to renew my personal homepage, using these two options.

That is it for now, I'll continue to write a articles about my daily development changes and leave some tips for all of you.